Does improved access to LMI mean our work is now done?

Web analytics concept - Multicolor version
The fact that we’ve got more access to labour market information (LMI) at our fingertips today than we’ve ever had means that we’re all now experts on the current UK and global job market and the future of work right? If only it were that simple.

Yes it’s now easier to signpost young people – or any jobseeker –  to a wealth of information on salaries, skills demands, local opportunities and predictions for the future which could improve their ability to make better informed choices around their future careers. But with the pressure on schools to deliver LMI alongside careers education, advice, guidance and employability skills – knowing how and when to use it effectively is the next challenge.

My article in the latest Careers Matters magazine from the CDI explains why…

LMI, Gatsby and the future of work: a new approach for schools. Careers Matters April-2016


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